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The CTP & CCP Program has been in operation for over four years. To date, all the issues concerning performance and accessing the platform have been resolved by following one of the below suggestions. If a problem persists, please contact Jim Swoyer for support. 


Issues Accessing the Platform:


When I access the site, I am asked to provide an account code.

Suggestion: Most of the time this is because the URL saved in the browser jumped to a different spot of the platform. Your browser did not take the cookies required. It is important that you always log into the system through the CTP Site ( There is a “Login” button in the top right hand corner of the home page.


I paid and logged in and when I try to access a lesson, it does not work?

Suggestion: Most of the time this is because the program was not selected. When selecting the program, go to the bottom of the page and click "Select The Program".


When I select the program it does not come up?

Suggestion: The system required that you allow pop-up. You need to go into your bowser and change your settings. If you are unclear on how to do this, please consult your technical resource. Because of some company security policies, we are not able to help you make changes to your browser settings.

Issues Using The Platform:


While reviewing a lesson, I cannot hear anything. Is there sound or narration for the lessons?

Suggestion: There are a few reasons for this to happen. When it does, you need to log out, turn the browser off and restart.


While taking the test I got a navigation error.

Suggestion: There are a few reasons for this to happen. When it does, you need to log out, turn the browser off and restart. Sources for this error include the following:
  1. More than one window is open with the same or a different test. This causes a security breach and the system is designed to shut down when this happens.
  2. The user may have tried to go back and change answers to a previous question. This too is not permitted and the system is designed to detect this and shut down when this happens.
  3. Generally this issue occurs when the user tries anything other than continue taking a test. It is best to start and finish the test in one sitting.


While taking the test used the pause function and now having trouble restarting the test.

Suggestion: We strongly suggest that you block the time and not stop taking the test. The button is there in the event something happens and you cannot avoid stopping. There is a good change that the cookies do not loud in your browser correctly and there is a good chance that you will need to start the test over. Make every attempt to avoid using this function.


While taking the test my Internet connection was lost and I was not able to finish the test.

Suggestion: In the event you lost your Internet connection, the system will detect the error and this is a slight chance if you are able to log back in you could pick up where you were cut off. However, most of the time, you will not. You will need to start over. If there is an issue with passing the test, contact the administrator (Jim Swoyer – Contact info above) and he will check the system error log and verify what happened and allow you to retake the test.